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1. Look For The Stamp. The US Federal Trade Commission requires that real gold be stamped with the karat amount. You can locate this stamp in an inconspicuous location, such as on the inside of your ring or near the clasp of your bracelet or necklace. It should read 10k (for 10 karat gold), 14k (for 14k gold), and so on. Silver and platinum will describe the grade of metal (.900, .925, .950) and type (Silver, Sterling Silver, Platinum, Plat, or PT).

Please note that just because an item of jewelry has a stamp, it is not necessarily real. There are disreputable people out there who can easily place a stamp into a fake piece of jewelry.

2. Use A Magnet. One easy way to tell if your jewelry is actual gold or silver is to run a magnet over it. Pure gold, silver, platinum and most other precious metals are NOT magnetic. Gold and silver jewelry are sometimes mixed with other metals which are magnetic; however, the amount of other metal contained in the alloy is not enough to make your jewelry stick to a magnet.

Before sending your items in, spread them out on a flat surface and run a common refrigerator magnet or any other magnet you may have over them. If your items stick to the magnet, they are not real and you should not send them in.

3. Have It Professionally Appraised. The only indesputable way to tell if your jewelry is real is to have it tested by a professional. A professional will generally perform an “acid test” or use an electronic device that can test the purity of your precious metals. When your precious metals are sent in to us, they will be put through this process again. These tests will prove without a doubt whether your items are real or fake.

We suggest trying the methods suggested in tips 1 and 2 above prior to sending in your precious metals if you have any question regarding their authenticity.


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